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kyu| 327 | infp-a | capricorn | lesbian | he/him

hiya, i'm kyu! i mostly post my ocs and card edits! feel free to talk to me, i don't bite~

✯ i'm very curious! i really like reading and geography a lot,,
✯ hehehehe i'm really a NEET, i'm mostly lazy
✯ pop'n star enthusiast uwu
✯ sheep and penguins are my spiritual animal
✯pastels/stars/manga/insects/idols & fictional characters are my favorites!

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more info about me~

▸i am known to a bit of an airhead and a optimist (and very serious),, so i might say weird things and be very happy v,, i also say 'uwu' and 'owo' often!!

▸i am super timid so i might not reply to your messages or talk to you easily,, i am very anxious too; i can say sorry a lot when i feel guilty or anxious! please don't pressure me to do anything, i don't really like it,, feel free to comment on my posts and dm me uwu,,

▸ once i open up to you, please understand that i might spam with lovemail and other normal stuff,, and i'll try to talk to you often!!

▸ always refer me with 'kyu' and
he/him pronouns, i am more comfortable with them than my real name and she/her & they/them.

▸ i really like girls and there might be alot of lovemail for my girlies (mostly fictional),, even though i dont talk about my faves that much (its very embarrasing for me uuu,,) i'll try too heh
thanks for reading~

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this page is just dedicated to my friends that i found along my idolsona time here,, please know that i love all of you whole heartly, i'll be always there when you need me~ thanks for everything, i really cherish you!!♡

if you are on this list, you are number one in my heart♡

♡chi (@zakurauchi)
♡lez (@lezun.g/@leapmari)
♡wran (@wran.edits
♡aqua (@rpgmoca)
♡maci (@yo.yo.yousoro)
♡grey (@be_grey_do_crimes)
♡azzie (@haelosexual)
♡emil (@ramudalovemail)
♡angel (@atsukoangel)

''Since 10/2/19... We shall cherish our moments of being school idols, right? Well, let's cherish them forever,Calethesia! ''- Calethesia's Kaede Ayase☆

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heheheheheh my faves!! (well most of them~)
maya yamato,lisa imai,kokoro tsurumaki,tomoe udagawa and tae hanazono + many more owo

love live:
kanan matsuura,yoshiko tsushima,mari ohara,nozomi toujou and rin hoshizora + many more

liar liar:
all of them honestly

miss komi is bad at communication:
most of them (but not yamai ren,,) but especially najimi osana and the main crew,,

gotoubun no hanayome:
all of them man
heh plus many more but there is too many to list,,